Aloe Deep Conditioner

Aloe Deep Conditioner

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The Aloe conditioner has been formulated to soften, moisturise, grow and repair your hair, whether it is already in great condition or breaking and thinning. It is and essential conditioner aiding in new growth, reducing dandruff, reducing hair loss, repairing split ends and generating overall healthy, fuller hair.



Aloe Vera - Deep conditioning, natural cleanser, contains fatty acids, aids dandruff and flaky scalp and boosts hair production. 

Coconut Oil - prevents breakage, reduces dandruff and adds shine and moisture

Castor oil - Effective for hair loss, growth, thickening, dandruff and repairs split ends.

Hemp Seed oil - For dryness and inflammation, thickens hair and prevents dandruff and enhances hair growth.

Avocado oil -Prevents hair loss, Nourishes, adds Moisture and shine, strengthens the hair root.

Rosemary essential oil - Reduces dandruff , controls excess oil production, reduces hair shedding, improves hair volume and nourishes and conditions the hair

Peppermint Essential oil -Stimulates blood flow to the hair follicle.

Tea Tree Essential Oil - Unclogs hair follicles, improves circulation for, antibacterial, tackles any bacteria in the scalp.


Start with our Argan Oil shampoo bar, then apply your Deep conditioner from root to tip, run a wide tooth comb or your fingertips to detangle and work into your hair. Leave in for 30mins and rinse thoroughly and moisturise with you Hair Growth Butter.

Can also be used as on overnight mask for extremely damaged hair.


Please keep away from direct sunlight and heat and store in a cool dry place.